Content Modelling & Taxonomy

Westpac – 2018

With the bank spending more time on creating and approving content, the business requirement for more personalisation power and also the need for product data feeds with the coming Open Banking initiative, we needed to propose a solution for both a content repository for a single source of truth and a framework for structuring and defining our content unique to our needs. Bringing our content into one like this satisfies many business goals, but ultimately provides a consistent and superior experience for our customers.

I researched into content modelling and taxonomy and looked at the current landscape of our product content to help build the requirements for our content system. Below are some important findings that I can share:


Outcomes of content classification

  • Smart components and templates
  • Reuse of content
  • Training AI
  • Preparing for Open Banking
  • Flexible to style changes
  • Prepares content for open banking
  • New channels on-boarded easily
  • Easy to audit content
  • Granular insights
  • Scalable personalisation