Content as a Service Platform

Platform concept,  Westpac – 2018

With the rise of open data protocols and the need for more granular pieces of content, I looked at how we could have a content hub for third parties and related services/products to consume our content at Westpac. This was a big move from hosting different versions of what should be the same content on every single channel, and for some content and platform teams within the bank, a very difficult concept to understand. The risk of having multiple places for content to live is already very high for the bank, over time content gets forgotten and then old content stays live when that information may be incorrect. But for other parties to get our content data it is even harder. Westpac already has a place for a single source of style and GUI guide (GEL – Global Experience Language –, so I basically used this concept to describe a Content as a Service platform guide.

My wireframe of the content library is below. The basic idea is to be able to navigate easily through all the live content and find what you are looking for, and then to learn how to interact with the content service (whatever the technology will be, in this instance I thought it could be an API service call) to be able to put it into their own experiences.

Content Library Wireframe
Content Library Wireframe

This will be used going forward to design a content library, however there are still many requirements to consider, like the technology involved and the different stakeholders that would be using this platform.