MUK Website

MUK – Melbourne Ukulele Kollective. A crazy fun ukulele band that I am a member of. But I think there is one major thing stopping new members from finding us. Have a look at their website.

Not responsive! Titles illegible!!
Not responsive! Titles illegible!!

The website is super old. The content hasn’t been updated for years. This gives the impression to those who are interested in possibly joining the club that the club doesn’t even exist anymore.

I remember when I was looking to get involved with Melbourne Ukulele Kollective that I checked out their website and I expected that they must have disbanded. Only until I searched them on facebook did I find that they had recent events and photos which told me that they were still going strong. On their website homepage it said that they ‘have a new practice venue at the edinburgh hotel’, but the post was from 5 years ago. So when I was rocking up the first time I had no idea if they were going to be there or not. This is extremely off-putting. Most people will see the website and feel like not pursuing it any further. We are missing out on heaps of potential interested uke people


So I am making a new website which will use wordpress and be current and up-to-date. And also be responsive, because at the moment, it is almost impossible to look at it on the phone!