House smart

Innovation Challenge, Westpac Graduate Cohort – 2017

Problem space: How might we assist more millenials to achieve home ownership sooner?

Let’s start with the Pitch 

I created this video to explain our innovation idea, which was submitted to get us through to the finals successfully. The video below walks through:

  • The problem
  • Our solution and a look at its Desirability, Viability and Feasibility with the bank
  • User journey before and after using the product.

PASSWORD IS sharktank1



For millennials in Australia, buying a home for the first time can be challenging. There are many issues in the complex property market that are affecting this; however two of the biggest problems we identified are saving for a deposit and financial literacy. Home loans are also a very competitive space within the world of banking with every bank out there trying to innovate.

Our solution

HouseSmart: The new immersive way to browse the world of property around us and learn about how to buy your first home.

This app will utilise augmented reality to provide real-time and relevant information about real properties. Augmented reality has just rose to popularity through applications such as pokemon GO, and the technology is now much easier to take advantage of, with many AR development frameworks available. It will change the way people look for potential properties because it’s interactive and more of a natural experience than a generic real-estate web page.

In addition to providing real house value information, this app will encourage millennials to explore the property market in more detail through various calculators, learnings, quests, and competing against their friends to level up and earn points.

Instead of focusing on creating a product that would directly lead to more home loan sales, we realised through our user research that the target audience could also get assistance in the build to finding a home. By helping them in finding a home, calculating what is needed or anything else to enable the user to become more proactive in their search in an agnostic way, then this could create brand loyalty. Westpac would seem like a smart and caring bank to go with when they actually had to get a loan. An application such as this would also allow the first touch point to getting any loyalty deals.